About Us


Most of us do not feel concerned about the humidity level and quality of the air we breath. However, bacterias and pollutions levels found indoors are often worse than outdoor levels.   

We, at Cactus Inc., made our mission to raise awareness on the significance of the indoor air quality. That's why, for two years, our engineers worked toward the completion of the perfect technology to purify and clean your air, brought to you in two different looks. 

Concerned about you, we invented Alexis and Poppy to bring you the ideal level of humidity (40%-60%) required to achieve the highest sense of well-being. Health and comfort should not be overlooked. On the contrary. They should be at the center of our attention and that's what, we, at Cactus Inc., want you to remember. 

Wether you live in a city, wish to cleanse your environment, have skin problems, feel tensed, or simply care about you and your loved ones' health, Alexis and Poppy may be the answers to all your problems! 

Feel visit the extended list of pure air quality benefits to learn in depth about our air purifiers' health capacities . 

Our mission is to increase your level of well-being by improving the air you breath  in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. Alexis and Charlie will both maintain your house at the ideal indoor climate while consuming very little amount of water and energy.

Sustainability is at the heart of our brand, as our products are designed to last longly while requiring the least amount of energy possible.