Our Cactus' extended list of benefits

 Strengthens your immune system and sooth your allergies with Alexis! The air we breath on a daily basis lacks the required amount of humidity to meet the satisfactory levels. As a result our allergies often gets worse during dry seasons, and we have a higher tendency to catch a cold than when we are in a humid area. Using either Alexis or Charlie will allow your living space to feel less stuffy while easing your breathing!
  Our Original Air Purifiers neutralizes 99.99% of dust, allergens and bacterias present in your room in a perfectly natural way. 
  Suffering from snoring issues? Alexis might be the answer to your problems! Snoring is often caused by a lack of humidity inside one's mouth. 
  Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal, adding water to the air will revive and clean your skin by helping rebalance your sebum levels in a natural, nonirritating way. 
 It has been scientifically proven that working in a humidified area will boost your focus tremendously. Ease your study/working sessions and improve your concentration! 

Reduce your indoor odors problems by mitigating smells with our Cacti. You can also add essential oil to the system to add character to you room! 
Get rid of static electricity for longer lasting furniture and electronics! Contrary to the common belief that humidity will damage your electronics, adding water to the air actually increase their life expectancy! Your furniture will also thrive our Cacti humidification properties.  
A happy environment for happy plants! Observe a drastic improvement on your plants health by using our Air Purifiers! Our indoor plants will blossom and last longer, while needing less efforts from you! Not to mention that Alexis and Charlie will be the perfect addition to your pant collection! 
Add your favorite scent and discover the benefits of aromatherapy! Each essential oil has its own virtues and benefits. Get to know them and find the perfect one(s) for you. Add a few drops to the water, place it inside your Air Purifier and relax!