Breath Cactus


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Where Contemporary Design Meets Revolutionary Air Quality

Our Air Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser propagates a thick yet delicate midst that will make your living environment feel like a spa resort. Breathe a humidified, clean and scented air with Alexis!

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Use Alexis Daily to:

  • Get rid of dust, allergens and bacterias.
  • Add essential oil & enjoy aromatherapy!
  • Boost your health & focus.
  • Give your skin a natural glow by nourishing it.
  • Enhance your indoor plants' health & longevity!
  • Help control snoring issues.
  • Longer lasting electronics


Alexis will become your inseparable travel companion, discover Alexis' benefits and feel the difference.

  • As light as a feather: Alexis was designed to be easily transportable, everywhere you go! To use it, just connect it to a PC, laptop, car charger or any other USB outlet, and voilà!


  • Large water reserve: Alexis can store 340ml volume and will unleash up to 40ml of water per hour. Learn more about the air humidification properties on our home page.

  • Our DeciControl Technology: Fear no more: Alexis can also be used at night! Being as silent as the Desert, our DeciControl technology allows you to use Alexis at night with no disturbance. Your sleeping environment will feel cozier and more soothing than ever. Alexis can also prevents snoring!

  • Safer than ever: Alexis is equipped with a 8 to 12 hours automatic power-off protection. Don't forget to make sure there is enough water before running to avoid damaging Alexis' system!

  • Discover Aromatherapy benefits: Add your favorite essential oil to the water and enjoy your home-made 100% natural aromatherapy session!   

  • Our advice: Please use the 5V1A power supply you'll find in the box to preserve Alexis's life expectancy!

The Breath Cactus Team presents you the ultimate Air Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser in three different colors, known as Alexis. 

Wether you use it in your room, living room, working space or even your car, Alexis will continuously humidify and filtrate your air for up to 10 hours straight. 

Alexis works with a USB input, which allows you to bring it anywhere with you more easily than ever. Simply plug it to your computer, wall or even TV and enjoy its aromatherapy and humidification properties in secondes. Its compact size and yet large water tank makes Alexis the perfect everyday companion, anywhere you go.

Enjoy fresh and humidified air on a daily basis, and add flair to your living space by adding Alexis to your private collection! 


1. Open the Water Tank and add water up to the limit - with your favorite essential oil if you feel like it!

2. Take out the cotton stick and wet it. (Be careful not to lose the spring.)

3. Reinstall Alexis' head.

4. Connect Alexis to your power supply, press the switch to turn on the humidifier, and enjoy!

Side Note 1: Press the on/off button once to turn Alexis on! If you want to use the led light, click twice on the button.Enjoy!

Side Note 2: For the ultimate result, we advise you to use one cactus per room. Our products humidifying capacities are engineered to bring your room to a perfect balance.

Side Note 3: Don't forget to change the cotton swab filter once every 2/3 weeks for ultimate results!

For any other questions about Alexis, check out our FAQ and/or don't hesitate to contact us!



Brand Name: Breath Cactus 

Capacity: 340 ml

Size: 79x140x147 mm 

Material: FlexiSilicone

Humidification Method: Ultrasonic

Noise: <36db

Voltage (V): 5V

Power (W): 2W

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Power Type: USB

Application: 11-20

Humidifying Capacity: 40ml/h

Type: Ultrasonic Deci-Control Humidifier

Installation: USB


Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews

I cannot get enough

Very satisfied with my purchase thank you!

Bought one for my kids and they love it (so do I). Just bought a new one for my office, I recommend this item.

Great Device for the any room/car

This cute humidifier was recommended by a friend a month ago and I haven't stopped using it since it arrived. Great to use in your daily commutes and really livens up the atmosphere of any room. Mist works as described and I personally like to use lavender essential oils in it, which create a great vibe in my room.

My guests could not get enough!!!

I love my Alexis, it's so elegant and the mist quality is great! I invited people over yesterday and they COULD NOT stop talking about it :) definitely waiting for these to be on sale to buy 5! hahaha


Thanks to Alexis, my home smells like meditation and it soothes my body into a profound stage of serenity.

A gift for all and a gift for life!

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